This is the audio portion of the OCBC web site where you can listen to or download the latest sermon audio file for your mp3 audio player.  Click on the tabs located above to navigate this web site.



Home Tab:

The place to go to easily access the most recent sermon audio files.  Click on the play symbol (triangle) located below the desired title to listen.

Audio File Archive Tab:

Where the instructions are located to access the archived audio files.  Audio files are available for download and are encoded in the standard MP3 format at a bit rate of 24 kbps, 56 kbps, or 64 kbps.

Listen “LIVE!” Tab:

Where instructions are located to listen to the service “LIVE!” starting at 10:45 AM Pacific on Sundays.


Web Browser Compatibility:

This web site is compatible with the majority of current web browsers as of 2018 that support HTML5, including those used on IOS and Android devices. The audio player supports both HTML5 and Flash.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

Please send an email to: audio@ocbc.info